Read comics in Digital Format?

All followers of Marvel, DC Comics or Image Comics who live in remote areas of the United States face a problem that seems to find no solution in the long term: the wait.

How long does it take to get to the world a current issue of Age of Ultron ? Series , weeks, in the most fortunate cases, or months, sometimes years. And those comics that have the most oiled distribution business can get double or triple the original value. It seems that there are only two alternatives: to buy comics online and wait patiently for them to arrive as soon as possible or to get used to reading in the digital format .

New reading habits

More and more readers opt for this second option, and it is not surprising in a world where technological change has affected all our cultural consumption habits: listening to music, watching movies and reading books, just to give some examples.

Today, fortunately, technology has responded to this demand by developing devices that make digital reading not as uncomfortable as it once was. For example, reading a comic from a tablet is infinitely more comfortable than doing it from a laptop or netbook. This happens because of the difference in weight (in case you like to read lying down) and the fact that the tablet resembles more in dimensions to a comic magazine than any other device.

Instead, the laptop is heavy and often bias our reading altering the natural path we make with the eye. The vignettes are hidden in areas that are gradually displayed as we scroll down , sacrificing the natural impact of the physical magazine when we read from its more “molecular” format.

The best sites to download comics

There are many different places to read comics in digital format, everything will depend on the type of series you follow. Of course you will find more material from publishers like Marvel and DC than from other more modest companies like IDW or Image Comics.

The most obvious option in this case is to buy directly from the publisher, ie from the same official site of the publisher. The problem is that we must make a separate account in each publisher that we want to buy comics so we will never have our entire collection organized in one place. This happens because the comic never “downloads” but exists in a “cloud” to which we access with our account paid.

No doubt the best platform to read comics online is Comixology , site that surely has the widest variety thanks to its agreement with the major publishers. Comixology also offers a variety of applications for Android and iOS that allow us to synchronize and configure our own launch schedule, receive information and news about publishers and access to large online communities of readers.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I’m not a great friend of digital comics . I consider it a good option in case it is necessary to keep track of some series as updated as possible. In this case, series like Superior Spider-Man and All New X-Men read them in digital format. However, I can never give up that feeling that there is an extra mediator in the reading of digital comics, an intruder between the role and me.

In my opinion, there is such as the gloss of the satin page crashing against the retina of the eye and the pleasant aroma of printed paper, a worldly joy, but joy at last.

And you, what do you think? What comics do you read in digital format?

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