The Headphone Jack Splitters For More Friends

Usually we see a lot of 2 way headphone jack splitters being advertised. But what if someone has got 3 kids? Or maybe a teenager has 2 more friends that makes them 3 in total? Or even more, what if there is a group of 5 friends or someone having 5 children? Does the 3 kid or 5 kid family buy 2 of those 2-way headphone adapters? Or 3?

Well, a clear answer and a great solution to all of these questions is a headphone jack splitter 3 way and 5 way. They come with 3.5mm jacks that are slim enough to work with any mobile device, laptop, iPod, iPad, MP3, speakers and what not. You name it, you get it!

The headphone jack splitter is an extraordinary new way with which you can not only enjoy good music with your friends but also add multiple devices to mix songs and listen together. It is way to create new tunes with your friends, hear songs from your friends’ playlists and generate a whole new music experience in itself. Whether you are watching movies on the airplane or listening to songs on a road trip, this little portable device makes it possible for all your friends to enjoy the same thing. An added benefit is that you get to watch a movie without all that noise in the background.

So all your trio needs to do is plug the headphone jack splitter 3 way into an iPhone, iPod, MP3 or a laptop and use the other 3 slots to plug your earphones into. And then you’re off to a world of enjoyment with your friends, and ofcourse the splitter too!

WAIT that is not all! You get all this in a minimum price less than $ 5. In addition to that, it is such a light weight device that even if it keeps hanging off your phone’s jack, it will cause you no problem at all. A big treat for all those acquiring this device is that there is no volume loss. It gives you a perfect sound and has every feature of a high quality product. Some low quality products create a scratchy noise which irritates the listeners and ruins the song/ movie but with this splitter, you can rest assured that there will be no disappointment coming.

These splitters come in stylish designs which are easy to use and very simple to install. Sometimes, it is hard to put the earphone into the jack but that is because the device producers assure you a tight fit which would not get loosened by a little movement. What’s more, you can buy this stuff from your nearest mobile store or online from Amazon or the Belkin’s website. So pull up your socks and get ready to have an amazing experience of utmost enjoyment with your friends. With the new 3 way and 5 way jack splitters, even the number of friends has ceased to be an issue.

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