Headphone Jack Splitter Critics

A headphone jack splitter, made  for music loving guys who enjoy videos and tracks with their friends, also became an object of criticism by many people. Where some people were going head over heels loving the little great product and praising its usefulness, other people criticized its quality. For some, the headphone jack splitter worked like a charm without any problem at all but some critics pointed out a major quality issue which was that the product split one stereo output to two mono outputs. This was a huge setback for the tiny product but was soon disagreed to by many other users. The majority users said it was a product worth buying and apart from some low-quality headphone jack splitters available in the market, all others were great to use if they wanted to listen music with friends.

Another common complain that reached the jack splitter producers was that it was very tight to put in the headphones. When a single headphone was put into the jack easily, it looked almost impossible to insert the other headphone. It looked like the second insert of the headphone jack splitter was tight to fit in but when there was no other side inserted, it was quite easy. When people used pressure to insert it, both of them worked wonderfully. The headphone jack splitter companies replied to this complain by ensuring them a safe use of the product.

They said that the plugs were hard to insert because they wanted to hold the inserted plugs tight so that they could not get loose easily whenever a little movement in the cords occur. They were tight fitting because they wanted to make a connection as secure as possible between the jack and the microphone/ headphone/ speaker. However, after a particular time the metal creating the tight fit would break in and it would be more convenient to use it while still having a strong connection.

In the very beginning, the headphone jack splitter was for laptop was introduced after some companies launched headphones and microphones into a single jack to form a special headset to listen and to speak. The problem that occurred with these headsets was that an external microphone could not be used with these systems and if somebody did plug a microphone, both the external and internal microphone were disabled. And that is not all, the internal speakers were also disabled after such a connection.

This posed a serious problem which lead to introduction of the headphone jack splitter for laptop. After the introduction, the product ran well on almost all mobile phone devices and also on laptop brands specially Lenovo. Some ThinkPads that were running on XP faced some issues but those were the issues with the software and not the splitter.

Most of the critics done to the headphone jack splitter were genuine but were faced off well by the producers. The benefits proved to be far greater than the critics and thus the headphone jack splitter is a famous little product among the people.

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