Best Throat Microphone Review

The advent of new electronic technology and frequency compensation brings throat mic technology to the forefront for audio clarity and convenience. The throat mic was designed to keep out all background noises and allow only the voice to be transmitted over a two way radio. Whisper to coordinate advances on your target or converse with your security partner in a night club. For the scenario player, the throat mic can facilitate the strategy and movement of team members, allowing you to determine who is under attack or who has been hit.

Why Throat Microphones?

A throat microphone, or throat mics, also laryngophone, is one type of micro phone that you can pick up sound directly through sensors in contact with the neck. and in this Throat Microphones area, there are five famous brand: they are Iasus Throat Mic | Motorola Throat Mic | Sanwa Throat Mic | Peltor Throat Mic | Stryker Throat Mic, because of this perfect design, it is able to pick up speech in some noise situation, such as in a night club or on a motorcycle, where other types of microphones would not function well because the speech would be drowned out by background noise.

1.Iasus Throat Microphone

With original designs, innovative technology and engineering, and product quality standards, Iasus Throat Microphone pride people on being leaders in our product categories. Iasus Throat Microphone’s manufactory is able to produce the best products available is driven by the team’s value of customer satisfaction above all else. Iasus Throat Microphone are the only company in the industry to offer a true extensive manufacturer’s warranty program.

2.Motorola Throat Microphone

Motorola Throat Microphone is kind of hotest product in this throat microphone, but in someway not so many people want to buy it. Motorola Throat Microphone should break in. The sound quality on both ends of Motorola Throat Microphone is great. Even facing in the wind the other guy can hear me just fine. The little clip works ok, it could be better, mine likes to come off but I think we tug on them so we’ll have to modify how we attach those too. Minor little things that won’t stop me from using them, they’re pretty cool. Oh, and when you use them, nobody knows you have it on, nobody can hear when people talk to you on it, the radio doesn’t make any noise or light up, it does make noise in your ear but thats all.

3.Sanwa Throat Microphone

This Sanwa throat mic is really cool, we bought them for paintball. My neck is kind of small so if I don’t press it together it doesn’t pic up what I’m trying to say very well. I might have to come up with a way to make it tight around my neck. The ear piece doesn’t like to stay in my ear unless I have my beanie on but I think its just new and stiff.
Go ahead, walk around your local mall with this Sanwa throat microphone and see what happens. Created by Japan’s Sanwa, and modeled after similar throat microphones used by elite military forces around the world (supposedly), the mic wraps around your throat and is supposed to improve call clarity.

4.Peltor Throat Mic

Peltor Throat Mic is really an ideal good for respirator communication, Lightweight, compact design, Earpiece is adjustable for different ear sizes, Throat microphone includes adjustable neckstrap with buckle snap, Optional version with earplug available for higher noise situations.
The only thing about Peltor Throat Mic is that this brand is a little expensive

5.Stryker Throat Mic

I ordered Stryker Throat Mic under the asumption that it came with multiple adapters for multiple brands of walkie talkies however it only works for the motorola brands not midland like i have. However after buying some motorola’s the headset works great for paintballing.

Throat mic benefits:

Throat mic headsets for two way radios are cutting edge, versatile and now affordable. These headsets are useful for many applications; law enforcement, tactical combat, watercraft operations, motorycle operation, fire departments, war gaming and high noise manufacturing.

  • Water-resistant for all weather conditions.
  • Eliminates background noise for high noise environments.
  • Whisper Communication
  • Oversized PTT button
  • Ergonomic design
  • Connects to many types of Radios and cell phones.

Headphone Jack Splitter Critics

A headphone jack splitter, made  for music loving guys who enjoy videos and tracks with their friends, also became an object of criticism by many people. Where some people were going head over heels loving the little great product and praising its usefulness, other people criticized its quality. For some, the headphone jack splitter worked like a charm without any problem at all but some critics pointed out a major quality issue which was that the product split one stereo output to two mono outputs. This was a huge setback for the tiny product but was soon disagreed to by many other users. The majority users said it was a product worth buying and apart from some low-quality headphone jack splitters available in the market, all others were great to use if they wanted to listen music with friends.

Another common complain that reached the jack splitter producers was that it was very tight to put in the headphones. When a single headphone was put into the jack easily, it looked almost impossible to insert the other headphone. It looked like the second insert of the headphone jack splitter was tight to fit in but when there was no other side inserted, it was quite easy. When people used pressure to insert it, both of them worked wonderfully. The headphone jack splitter companies replied to this complain by ensuring them a safe use of the product.

They said that the plugs were hard to insert because they wanted to hold the inserted plugs tight so that they could not get loose easily whenever a little movement in the cords occur. They were tight fitting because they wanted to make a connection as secure as possible between the jack and the microphone/ headphone/ speaker. However, after a particular time the metal creating the tight fit would break in and it would be more convenient to use it while still having a strong connection.

In the very beginning, the headphone jack splitter was for laptop was introduced after some companies launched headphones and microphones into a single jack to form a special headset to listen and to speak. The problem that occurred with these headsets was that an external microphone could not be used with these systems and if somebody did plug a microphone, both the external and internal microphone were disabled. And that is not all, the internal speakers were also disabled after such a connection.

This posed a serious problem which lead to introduction of the headphone jack splitter for laptop. After the introduction, the product ran well on almost all mobile phone devices and also on laptop brands specially Lenovo. Some ThinkPads that were running on XP faced some issues but those were the issues with the software and not the splitter.

Most of the critics done to the headphone jack splitter were genuine but were faced off well by the producers. The benefits proved to be far greater than the critics and thus the headphone jack splitter is a famous little product among the people.

The Headphone Jack Splitters For More Friends

Usually we see a lot of 2 way headphone jack splitters being advertised. But what if someone has got 3 kids? Or maybe a teenager has 2 more friends that makes them 3 in total? Or even more, what if there is a group of 5 friends or someone having 5 children? Does the 3 kid or 5 kid family buy 2 of those 2-way headphone adapters? Or 3?

Well, a clear answer and a great solution to all of these questions is a headphone jack splitter 3 way and 5 way. They come with 3.5mm jacks that are slim enough to work with any mobile device, laptop, iPod, iPad, MP3, speakers and what not. You name it, you get it!

The headphone jack splitter is an extraordinary new way with which you can not only enjoy good music with your friends but also add multiple devices to mix songs and listen together. It is way to create new tunes with your friends, hear songs from your friends’ playlists and generate a whole new music experience in itself. Whether you are watching movies on the airplane or listening to songs on a road trip, this little portable device makes it possible for all your friends to enjoy the same thing. An added benefit is that you get to watch a movie without all that noise in the background.

So all your trio needs to do is plug the headphone jack splitter 3 way into an iPhone, iPod, MP3 or a laptop and use the other 3 slots to plug your earphones into. And then you’re off to a world of enjoyment with your friends, and ofcourse the splitter too!

WAIT that is not all! You get all this in a minimum price less than $ 5. In addition to that, it is such a light weight device that even if it keeps hanging off your phone’s jack, it will cause you no problem at all. A big treat for all those acquiring this device is that there is no volume loss. It gives you a perfect sound and has every feature of a high quality product. Some low quality products create a scratchy noise which irritates the listeners and ruins the song/ movie but with this splitter, you can rest assured that there will be no disappointment coming.

These splitters come in stylish designs which are easy to use and very simple to install. Sometimes, it is hard to put the earphone into the jack but that is because the device producers assure you a tight fit which would not get loosened by a little movement. What’s more, you can buy this stuff from your nearest mobile store or online from Amazon or the Belkin’s website. So pull up your socks and get ready to have an amazing experience of utmost enjoyment with your friends. With the new 3 way and 5 way jack splitters, even the number of friends has ceased to be an issue.

Headphone Jack Splitter An Amazing Experience

After I was asked to bring a headphone jack splitter from my teacher’s room, I paused for a second because I did not know what the product was. I searched on Google and found out that it was a device “for splitting one output to two outputs”. I still did not understand the purpose of the product clearly so I searched more about it. I learnt that it was a device that allowed two pairs of earphones (one pair of earphones and one speaker or two sets of speakers would also do) to be used on a single jack socket. It looked like a convenient little tool to me and I got one for myself as well. It cost me less than 1 dollar which was way cheaper than if I had bought those parts from a radio shack (they would have cost me around $ 3 to $ 5) and the result was phenomenal. When I and my friend used the two pairs of earphones, the sound quality was amazing.

I had a doubt that the stereo output might not remain that much qualitative after I split the output of my audio device into two, but the results were astonishingly delightful. The sound did not muffle at all.

This handy little product was very convenient and provide both me and my friend not only with the stereo sound without having to share one of the two earphones of a single pair, but also provided us with the feature of controlling the volume individually for each of our earphone.

The headphone jack splitter for iPad was also an ideal product where multiple users wanted to watch the same movie or listen to the same audio. It worked as well with the iPods, portable DVD players and MP3 players. The product was best to use when I wanted to enjoy movies with friends while travelling or when our teacher wanted to show us any informational videos in a group setting. My headphone jack splitter for iPad was a portable little thing which I could take anywhere and everywhere.

A friend of mine got it as well because he did not like to switch between his headphones and speakers. So he out his headphones in one jack and the speakers in the other and turned up any of them without having to go through the hassle of unplugging one of them to pug another.

I still have it with me and it has remained quite handy and durable in my case. The point of durability is where some people disagree with me. But even if they do not rate it very high on quality, they always rate it very high on usefulness. And even if it breaks down in 2 or 3 months, it is not a big deal. After all, it comes in such a low price.

All in all, it is a decent little device and comes with many benefits. I would rather have bought it if it was available in a higher price too but it is a treat for me that I can get it in less than a dollar.


Why Buy a Headphone Splitter?

Most of us who are old enough to remember the days of the old Walkman could never have imagined that there would come a time when you could fit your entire music library (and more) on a machine just a quarter of that size. But now it seems that almost everyone has an MP3 player of some sort, and the idea of a headphone splitter is making a bit of a comeback.

In the old days, if you wanted to share your music with someone, you could go to a store like Radio Shack and buy a “splitter.” This was a device that split the sound into two separate outlets so that you could plug in two sets of headphones. It was a great way for two friends to listen to the same song while not bothering anyone else.

There is still a need for a best headphone splitter, but often it has nothing to do with music at all. Imagine you are sitting in an airport or on an airplane and you and your friend want to watch a movie. There is only one jack built into a computer or other such devices, but by using a headphone splitter, you can both listen to the audio from the movie at the same time without everyone else around you having to listen, too.

You may also find that a headphone splitter is useful if you regularly go walking or running with a friend. By having a splitter and two long headphone cords, you can both listen and jog in sync to the same music. This is a great way to stay motivated and enjoy the same tunes.

There are several different kinds of splitters that you can buy, and a lot of it depends on what kind of device you will be plugging it into. For iPods or MP3 players, you can get a simple splitter that has one jack that is plugged into the device and two outlets that the headphones are plugged into. You can also buy larger ones with more features that allow you to adjust the volume independently on each headphone. So if one person wants to hear the music loud, while another person is happy with just a little background music, both people will be content.

If you try to buy a headphone splitter in a general merchandise or “big box” store, you probably won’t find one, but by shopping online, you should be able to choose from a wide selection of them in various colors and sizes. You can buy both nickel- and gold-plated ones (gold-plated provides better sound quality), and you can also buy ones of different lengths and sizes.

In general though, the best place to buy this product in addition to other audio devices is online. You will find the best selection, not to mention the best prices overall. If you want to enjoy music or watch a movie with a friend without disturbing those around you, then this is the perfect device for you.

Best Headphone Splitter Review

A headphone jack splitter,  came as a solution for many people who wanted to enjoy videos and tunes with their companions. Headphone Jack Splitters can come in all different shapes and sizes.

If you are looking for a best headphone splitter then you should consider the number of output connections you need at first.  A standard splitter typically has a single input, which connects to the audio player, and two or more outputs that can be connected to the headphones. You should choose a divider with sufficient outputs for your needs, although you could also consider losing the signal through such a divider. If you want to use a headphone splitter for more than two outputs, then you can opt for a splitter that also increases audio output for greater clarity of sound and quality.

Headphone Splitters Best Buy

1.SplitterBot Headphone Splitter

It’s been a while since the last time i posted but i just had to get back on a at least give a short post on my thoughts about the SplitterBot headphone splitter. I got this  little doodad in the mail today, it came in small box that almost looked like it could be a piece of jewelry rather than a gadget.

Once opened it could possibly be the cutest little headphone splitter i’ve ever seen, especially with it’s little keychain hanging off the side. So i put it to the test by hooking up to headphones to it’s eye sockets and playing some music on my iPad. The quality is good, no as good as some of the other stuff out there but it’s decent enough to share some music or a funny video. I wouldn’t recommend it for full movie watching though.

2.Multiple Headphone Splitter with DVD player

Possibly one of the perfect uses for a headphone splitter, especially a multi-headphone splitter, is the portable or in-vehicle DVD player. There is no better way to kill time while sitting in traffic or traveling than to pop on a DVD that the kids will like or even something the whole family can watch. Sometimes it can be hard to decide on something everyone will enjoy and what inevitably happens is, the kids win. A Multiple Headphone Jack Splitter(like the one in the picture to your left)is absolutely ideal for letting all the kids listen using headphones and letting the adults get some peace and quiet.

3.Zune Headphone Splitter

I found an interesting device by Monster about a week ago. Apparently they make a headphone y splitter designed for Microsoft’s Zune. The design is somewhat in-line with the overall design of the current Zunes on the market. On the reverse side(not shown in the image) there are dual-volume controls to allow individual listening levels. I found that to be the only feature that made this device stand out from the rest. It feels solid in the hand, i can tell that they didn’t go cheap on the rubber around the cord.  If your interested in picking this product up, consider getting it at Amazon as apposed to the Monster website as it’s a few dollars more there.

4.Dual Headphone Jack Splitter

I’ll keep this post brief because there really isn’t to much to say about this one. If you would take a look at the image to your left, it’s pretty straight forward. It has no cords, the wire is housed in a small plastic casing. It works as advertised on Amazon. They even give you free shipping on this. A great buy if you’re on a budget for sure.

If you have a bit more money i would go with a corded headphone splitter instead but there is no real downside other than that. The audio is good and the plugs hold any headphone jack tightly as well.

5.Macally PodDuo ipod Headphone Splitter


Macally is a company that i’ve never heard of before. PodDuo is a product i came across last week and figured i would give it a try. As always, i ordered it from Amazon and received it yesterday.

It performed fairly well, sounded decent, no better than the rest. It does have an odd shape and i understand that products have to stand out but in this case, i think the corded version would have suited Macally better. Overall, i’ll give this a B grade. Here are some specs:

  • Allows multiple users to share and enjoy the same iPod
  • Connects two mini-stereo headphones or speakers to one jack
  • Works with iPod, iPod Mini or audio players with an 1/8″ headphone jack
  • Works with iPod, iPod Mini or audio players with a 3.5mm headphone jack

6.Stereo Audio Splitter

I had a chance to play around with this stereo audio splitter from Belkin the other day and was pleasantly surprised at what i found. The audio quality in both headphones that i had this connected to sounded great.  In general, Belkin tends to make decent products at affordable rates so i had no problem paying for this at amazon for a measly 2 bucks! This model has a hard plastic housing, as apposed to using rubberized wire. It mainly comes down to preference, Belkin also makes a wire version if this. A+ device.

7.Belkin Rockstar Headphone Splitter

Hand’s down, to this day the Belkin Rockstar headphone splitter is still my favorite headphone splitter on the market. Most splitters out there are 2-way but this little device is a 5-way splitter allowing up to 5 different people to listen at once. What blows me away the most is that out of all the products I’ve tried these not only sound the best but seem to hold up the best as well. You can order them for under 10 dollars at which beats out a lot of the 2-way splitters which cost the same or more. Highly recommend this product!

8.3.5 mm headphone splitter

A 3.5 mm jack is the standard jack that 99.9% of all hand-held audio devices use. Anything from ipods to the old walkmans will use the same size male/female jack. The image to your left is a product shot of the Scosche 3.5 mm Headphone Splitter Cable. Despite the fact that i have never heard of this company, this headphone splitter seemed to work very well.


A headphone splitter is a device that can be used to connect two or more pairs of headphones to an audio player, such as a portable media device or audio output from a stereo. One of the first things you should consider when looking for a handset splitter is the number of outputs you want. A base splitter usually has two outputs, allowing two sets of headphones to connect to the device. More complicated dividers, however, may include four or more output connections, and you must choose a splitter with sufficient outputs for your needs.

You should keep in mind, however, that additional outputs in a headphone splitter can have an impact on the sound quality. Four people all using the same audio signal are likely to reduce clarity of sound and quality, since the signal intended for a listener was separated. There are also other effects that have multiple signal outputs, such as the fact that when a person becomes their volume, the volume of others is likely to go down. Likewise, if three people are listening to a splitter, and another person connects to it, then the volume of the three is likely to do it down, and when one is disconnected from the splitter of the handset, the volume rises.

If you want to use a headphone splitter with more than two connections, then you should consider a splitter that also includes a signal amplifier. This increases the audio signal of the player and allows each listener to experience audio quality and clarity that is more like a single listener. You should consider a booster that also includes separate volume controls as this allows each listener to adjust the volume by itself if you wish. While a headphone splitter with a sound reinforcement is usually more expensive than a standard splitter, the benefits can certainly offset this cost.

Read comics in Digital Format?

All followers of Marvel, DC Comics or Image Comics who live in remote areas of the United States face a problem that seems to find no solution in the long term: the wait.

How long does it take to get to the world a current issue of Age of Ultron ? Series , weeks, in the most fortunate cases, or months, sometimes years. And those comics that have the most oiled distribution business can get double or triple the original value. It seems that there are only two alternatives: to buy comics online and wait patiently for them to arrive as soon as possible or to get used to reading in the digital format .

New reading habits

More and more readers opt for this second option, and it is not surprising in a world where technological change has affected all our cultural consumption habits: listening to music, watching movies and reading books, just to give some examples.

Today, fortunately, technology has responded to this demand by developing devices that make digital reading not as uncomfortable as it once was. For example, reading a comic from a tablet is infinitely more comfortable than doing it from a laptop or netbook. This happens because of the difference in weight (in case you like to read lying down) and the fact that the tablet resembles more in dimensions to a comic magazine than any other device.

Instead, the laptop is heavy and often bias our reading altering the natural path we make with the eye. The vignettes are hidden in areas that are gradually displayed as we scroll down , sacrificing the natural impact of the physical magazine when we read from its more “molecular” format.

The best sites to download comics

There are many different places to read comics in digital format, everything will depend on the type of series you follow. Of course you will find more material from publishers like Marvel and DC than from other more modest companies like IDW or Image Comics.

The most obvious option in this case is to buy directly from the publisher, ie from the same official site of the publisher. The problem is that we must make a separate account in each publisher that we want to buy comics so we will never have our entire collection organized in one place. This happens because the comic never “downloads” but exists in a “cloud” to which we access with our account paid.

No doubt the best platform to read comics online is Comixology , site that surely has the widest variety thanks to its agreement with the major publishers. Comixology also offers a variety of applications for Android and iOS that allow us to synchronize and configure our own launch schedule, receive information and news about publishers and access to large online communities of readers.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I’m not a great friend of digital comics . I consider it a good option in case it is necessary to keep track of some series as updated as possible. In this case, series like Superior Spider-Man and All New X-Men read them in digital format. However, I can never give up that feeling that there is an extra mediator in the reading of digital comics, an intruder between the role and me.

In my opinion, there is such as the gloss of the satin page crashing against the retina of the eye and the pleasant aroma of printed paper, a worldly joy, but joy at last.

And you, what do you think? What comics do you read in digital format?

Best Tablet for Comics

Let’s be honest and recognize it: we are nerds . We love gadgets, comics, video games, science fiction, movies and television. Most of us face it and accept without getting colored because that’s what we are.

If you belong to this world, you probably enjoy the eighth art (until a few years ago the comic was recognized as the ninth art) and you are in that stage of transition – if you have not yet done so – between paper and material digital.

Most comics today are sold in digital format and, while they can be enjoyed on any computer (PC, notebook, smartphone) with any operating system (iOS, Windows, Android), it is the tablet that gains ground to position itself in the Ideal for fulfilling the purpose.

But the issue is not as simple as the size and quality of the screen plays an essential role. For this reason we will give you a series of tips so that you can make the right decision .

5 great tablets that will not empty your pocket

# 5 Asus MeMo Pad 8

Asus already proved to be a good brand in technology and, the Asus MeMo Pad 8 tablet is proof of it. Priced at  $ 149 , it’s economical enough without fading into functions.

Its 8-inch HD display shows the colors with great definition and is pleasant to use since it is lightweight in addition to being thin, so it will not hurt your hands after a while as with other bulky tablets.

With 16 gigabytes of internal storage, Intel Atom processor 1.33 GHz, 1 Giga RAM and Android Operating System Kit Kat, has a modest rear camera of 2 megapixels , which does not take away points given their price.

# 4 Amazon Fire HD 6

The cheapest tablet in our list, has nothing to envy to the rest. The Amazon Fire HD 6 is a solid and proven option, ideal for those who want something very portable, since its screen is only 6 inches, a little more than a phablet.

At a price of $ 99 , it has a quad core processor of 1.5 GHz, 8 gigabytes of internal storage, VGA front and 2 megapixel rear camera and a modified version of Android, which means that only applications can be downloaded from the Amazon App Store .

Price and good performance, although the materials are not the best, but you can not ask for more for a tablet with that cost, a price that makes it ideal for children if we combine with their size.

# 3 Asus Transformer Pad TF103

An interesting proposal for those who like tablets, but need certain functions of a laptop. The Asus Transformer Pad TF103 solves that problem at a convenient price.

It is a hybrid tablet , that is to say that it is possible to connect a keyboard and work with it as if it were a laptop, to which also contributes its screen of 10.1 and processor intel atom 1.33 GHz, with Android Kit Kat like Operating System.

With 8 GB of internal storage in its $ 149 version , it does not bring the keyboard as an accessory, but if you spend $ 100 more you’ll get both. For a hybrid tablet and a comfortable size to work with, it is an excellent price.

# 2 Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7
Another tablet of the cheaper line of Amazon, but offers more features than the Fire HD 6. In the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 , we find a powerful device with 2.2GHz quad-core processor, 2 gigabytes of RAM and GPU Adreno 330 .

As you can see, it is powerful for more demanding users and, at a price of 179 dollars, is very attractive. While more economical version has 8 gigabytes of internal storage, Amazon delivers unlimited space in the cloud.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 has a front HD camera, access to the Amazon App Store and, if you want to add more internal storage space or connectivity via mobile networks, you can access somewhat more expensive models, but without going beyond the limit of accessibility .

# 1 EVGA Tegra Note 7

Although not well known in the market, the tablet EVGA Tegra Note 7 has excellent reviews. With a 7-inch screen, it delivers a good experience of use in powerful applications, as well as in games, that we usually see in devices of high range.

At a price of $ 151 , the EVGA Tegra Note 7 has an NVIDIA Tegra processor of 1.5 GHz, 1 Giga of Ram, Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat and 16 gigabytes of storage expandable with external cards.

Its 5 megapixel rear camera is the best in the economic segment, and has a rather modest front. Very portable, weighs less than 320 grams and its thickness is 76.2 millimeters.

Many compare it with the Galaxy Note 8, despite costing less than half, so if you are looking for a compact tablet , good level and do not break your pocket, the EVGA Tegra Note 7 is the best option.

Have you used any of the mentioned tablets?

What to Consider to Select best comics reading Tablet?

Budget Available

The world is usually simpler for people who have money and, for the purchase of a tablet, obviously it is also. If there are no budget limits it is suggested to go for the best in the field, and that we find in products such as Apple , Microsoft or Samsung .

But not everyone can purchase a $ 700 tablet up. In addition, many consider it too excessive a “just for a hobby.” The good news is that there are interesting alternatives that are much more economical and that fit more limited budgets, between 100 and 300 dollars .

It is important to know what budget you have so you can adapt and be satisfied.

Using your tablet

At this point we must analyze whether the tablet will be used only for reading comics or if it will have other destinations .

If the objective is the comic, it is not necessary to focus so much on the technical characteristics of the tablet (beyond the screen, which we will talk about in the following points) since a simple operating system that supports an application to read them reaches us. You do not need to have a robust micro, a lot of memory or the last GPU .

Instead, if we’re going to give you additional destinations for the gadget , we’ll need to look for details about those features.

For example, suppose we want to use it to connect it with a non- smart LED so that we can browse movies and surf the web. In that case we will look for some that have an HDMI connection .

Another case would be to use it as a notebook . Currently there are tablets called ” 2 in 1 ” that come with keyboard to connect and are not expensive.

If we plan to use it to travel with map tools, we should look for a tablet that has GPS ( attention to this point, which many do not bring).

Display Aspect Ratio

It is one of the key points of the subject. The Aspect (recognized internationally as AR by the acronym of Aspect Ratio ) we will indicate how much screen left over us the time to put a full sheet of comic before our eyes, that is, in its most natural form, As if we had the comic book in front of us. Moreover, it is clear that RA refers to a proportion and not a fixed fixed size (centimeters, inches, etc.). The calculation is done by dividing the width by height.

American comics (DC, Marvel, Image, etc.) use an AR close to 1.54 . The sleeve is around 1.44 .

Tablets vary in AR The four most popular formats are:

  • 4: 3 (1.33)
  • 3: 2 (1.50)
  • 16:10 (1.60)
  • 16: 9 (1.77)

Mentioning specific products is almost impossible because there are endless variables. In fact, many brands have sold different tablet models with all Aspect Ratios.

So what would be the tablet closest to the optimum in terms of RA? Without a doubt, the 3: 2 , since it gives us a 1.50 of AR :, bordering the 1.54 of the American comics and even for the manga.

The tablets with the best Aspect Relations for comics are 3: 2 , as long as the idea is to see the whole sheet and 100% (without cutting it, zoomearla, etc.).

Unfortunately, tablets with 1.50 AR are not so easy to get, but the nearest, popular and not at all contemptible are 16:10 (1.60). A 1.60 screen keeps us in good position with American comics, but not so much with manga (for that type of comic, 1.33 is the alternative).

An additional tip: if the idea is to put two sheets on the screen, the best Aspect Ratio is 4: 3

Screen size

Here we refer to inches. A 7 “tablet can be uncomfortable for the eyes, so it is suggested to start from a 9.7″ up.

The 10.1 “tablets are among the most preferred when choosing, but some demanding look for something even bigger and find it in products with screens of 10.5″, 12.0 “, 12.2” and up to 13.3 “, to give some examples.

Yes, size is important, but other factors such as weight should also be considered – since there are tablets that exceed the kilo and are not as comfortable – and other points such as the ones we will see below.

Screen resolution

Here we talk about the amount of pixels that the screen can display and is an important element for everything that implies image quality: graphic design, architecture, video games or, as in our case, comic book reading.

If the resolution is bad, it will cost us more to read the bullets, so it is suggested as many points per inch (or PPI ) as possible.

The number of resolutions you will see is unlimited, but among the most frequent, you will surely find:

  • 1024×600
  • 1280×800
  • 1920×1200
  • 2048×1536

Big companies are competing to get the highest PPI tablets on the market but, according to Steve Jobs , a human can not appreciate more than 300 PPI about 30 centimeters away, so more than that is almost ridiculous.

For a limited budget, a tablet worthy for comics should start at 150 PPI .

Display quality

We will not devote the matter scientifically because it is much more complex than it seems (if AMOLED , if IPS , etc.) so we will limit the simplest question of history: the price makes The quality . The big brands (and more price, of course), have superior screens to most Chinese and / or second brands.

How will we realize this? The easiest way is to put one tablet next to the other . If you compare the screen of an iPad with that of a generic Chinese tablet you will notice clear differences such as the amount of brightness (brightness) and contrast, the amount of reflection that delivers and the visibility towards it from another angle other than the front.

Another issue in terms of screens are the different technologies to betterwithstand bumps and scrapes . But to be honest, in recent years the “generic” tablets have been improving noticeably in all these aspects, even in the quality of touch screen , a subject that in the past could pose a problem.

Operating system and applications

Currently these points do not represent any conflict since in Android , iOS and Windows you can find excellent applications (even many of them free) for reading comics.

There are also good applications for buying official comics from the same tablet.

The only advice that can be given in this case is that the application to be used is configured in a way that tries to occupy as much screen as possible by trimming unnecessary sectors of the page (white sides) and thus make the most of the tablet .

There will also be those who prefer to buy a 7-inch tablet and read the comics in a “landscape” (vertical), without bothering to scroll down. The important thing is to avoid leaving a percentage of the screen unused (see the graphics).

The optimum for a tablet whose destiny is to read comics is one that has:

  • Aspect Ratio 3: 2.
  • 200 PPI or more.
  • 12 inches or more.
  • A high-quality screen (Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, etc.).

The problem is that these tablets exceed $ 900 and, for those who do not have so much money, can get to scare.

However, today there are alternatives much more economical and really useful to fulfill the purpose. For example, there are “imitations” of the Surface Pro from Microsoft very robust (micros Intel , 2K resolution, 12 inches, etc.) for $ 250 .

And, if the budget is even more limited, there are also many tablets with AR 16:10 (they are easier to find), PPI from 180 to 230 and 10.1 inches hovering around $ 100 to $ 200 . They are very worthy for this use.

In short, there are no excuses for not continuing to enjoy the eighth art in digital form.