Best Tracfone Smartphone Reviews

If you feel that your mobile phone is ripping you off through surprisingly high bills, you may not be wrong. Some mobile phone operators have a complex method of charging their subscribers, which at times are not exactly what you have subscribed for. You may find relief in TracFone cellular. The TracFone service can help you keep your bill under control, spare you the hassle of credit card and monthly bills as well as long term contract with the subscriber.

TracFone is a large Mobile Virtual Network Operator, more popularly known as MVNO, and provides services all over United States of America including the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Using a mix of TDMA, GSM and CDMA technology, TracFone has MVNO relationship with major carriers.

With over 60,000 retailers all over the United States, they are also available online for your convenience. Now you no longer need any contracts, credit checks, deposits or any age barrier to get your phone. And moreover, there is no a hidden cost or monthly bills. You pay as you use your phone; recharge your balance amount when you need to.

TracFone offers its subscribers with a variety of free services which includes free TracFone cellular voice mail service, free TracFone caller ID service, free Tracfone call waiting for service and also text messaging services to enable you to send short text messages.

Concerned about all the important messages you miss when you are not reachable on your phone? With TracFone Voice Mail service a caller can leave a message in voice mailbox when you are not reachable, and you can retrieve the messages later.

With the help of the TracFone service, you can also send small text messages, up to 160 characters, to most of the operators, making it even cheaper when you need to transmit a brief message.

TracFone provides free Caller ID service that enables you to see the phone number of the caller. Although this service is offered in a certain carrier coverage area, it allows you to screen all your incoming calls.

Never miss a phone call again. With TracFone call waiting feature you do not have to miss important phone calls when you are talking to someone else on the phone. This feature enables you to receive an incoming call while you are already talking to someone else.

And that is not all. TracFone displays your airtime balance in your phones display screen enabling you to monitor and control your costs. You can purchase a phone card for prepaid TracFone airtime paying as you go online or through a retail near yours.

Wondering how much all these will cost you? TracFone cellular comes at an affordable retail rate as low as $59.99 and you don’t have to pay any service charge. There are no hidden costs too, just a low call rate so you can make the best use of your hard earned money.

Tracfone Buying Guide

Most people buy a Tracfone at the neighborhood superstore and never realize the free minutes and savings they are missing. Before buying give thought to two things. You can get 100 minutes if you have a friend to refer you. If you don’t know who can refer you enter your email address at the bottom of the page and I will send you a referral. Be sure you have the referral email in your mailbox before activating (you won’t get the free 100 minutes otherwise)! The second important thing to give thought to is you can get a phone for free. Click on the free phone picture to the left to find out more.

More Free Minutes

You can get more free minutes by using promotional codes. When you add airtime, you will be given a chance to enter a promotional code. These promotional codes give free added airtime.A list of promotional codes is provided for you here.

Promotional Codes

100 minute cards (20 minutes free)          51206, 56024, 52636, 56084
200 minute cards (30 minutes free)          53105, 51263, 53714, 51683
400 minute cards (50 minutes free)          57659, 51650, 55335, 53349
1 year card (100 minutes free)                 55778
Double minutes card (100 minutes free)   55463

Enter these promo codes when you are entering the activation codes

If You Talk a lot

f you are going to talk a lot. this link also brings you to a page that shows how to get a premium phone for free when you buy a 300 minute / one year of service with doubling for 129.99. Remember when purchasing this as a new customer to also use your friend referral. and enter the promotion code found in the promotion code list for another 100 minutes (which is doubled to 200). This will give you a free phone, 1 year of service, and 600 minutes of air time for only $130.

Hidden Discount

On some phones, you purchase directly from tracfone if you close the window during the checkout process (when they ask for address… info) pop up screen will ask you to come back and give you a 10 or 15% discount. Note that this doesn’t occur for all phones or products.

Is A Tracfone Prepaid Service Right For You?

Tracfone prepaid service, a subsidiary of América Móvil, claims to be the largest provider of mobile services in the United States of America. It covers more than 99% of the US population. Yet, Tracfone Prepaid does not have its own network. It buys coverage and talk time from other cell phone service providers and presents it to customers as its own. Tracfone prepaid is highly beneficial for those customers who don’t use mobile much and don’t want to sign a contract.
Tracfone Prepaid provides a customer with a specially programmed Nokia or Motorola cell phone loaded with the Tracfone minutes the customer opted for. The customer then needs to activate his or her phone through the internet. This is described as the most tedious process of the complete experience with Tracfone Prepaid by most customers.

Tracfone Prepaid is described as a prepaid service which is very helpful for those who keep a phone for emergency purposes. It even allows the customer to use just 40 minutes and keep his number activated for six months or even a year. Other dealers do not provide similar service.
Tracfone Prepaid describes a specific area as a home area for the customer. In this area, the customer uses his Tracfone minutes as normal minutes. This is generally the area from where the customer subscribed for Tracfone Prepaid. Outside this area, roaming service is activated and a customer is charged a bit extra. The biggest drawback of Tracfone Prepaid is that the coverage in roaming area is not reliable. Hence the use of Tracfone Prepaid as the emergency phone is not applicable if the customer moves out of his home area.
Another drawback is that Tracfone Prepaid does not provide International Roaming. It is strictly for domestic usage. Also, Tracfone Prepaid is not advisable for the customers who use their phone a lot. It turns out to be much more costly than the normal cell phone provider.
In spite of these drawbacks, Tracfone prepaid is widely popular because it has no hidden charges and does not bind the user to a contract. It does not require any credit card check, and there is no minimum age requirement.
Tracfone Prepaid, like any other service provider, has its own advantages and drawbacks. Tracfone Prepaid provides the customer with multiple options or plans which need to be studied carefully. Customer needs to study these carefully before opting for the service.

List of the Best Tracfone Smartphone Reviews

1.TRACFONE Motorola W370

The Motorola W370 is a sleek and sophisticated looking phone currently being offered by Tracfone. The W370, the product of Razr designers, is based on the popular ultra-thin flip phone concept and introduces a list full of features that many of the other Tracfone phones lack. The W370 offers current users the ability to download MP3 ringtones and various other graphics to their phone via Tracfone’s own network. The W370 is a great phone that incorporates a lot of what current users desire into an excellent, attractive, and affordable package that is an ideal for all current Tracfone users. The Motorola W370 is available through Tracfone’s prepaid service for about $49.99 as of June 1, 2007.

2.T Mobile My Touch 3G Vs T Mobile G1

T mobile my touch 3G was released as HTC Magic which has been release in Europe for about a year. Some difference is the newest T mobile phone use T mobile 3G’s network with 1700/2100 MHz frequency, but HTC Magic use 3G network with 900/2100 MHz frequency.

3.Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider

The Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider was announced yesterday in a press release and is scheduled to be released on October 16th on the Virgin Mobile website for $199.99.  The release schedule also calls for it to be in Best Buy and Radio Shack on October 31, Target on November 6th, and in Sprint stores on November 13th.

So let’s take a look at what we have here:

Slide out full QWERTY keyboard – awesome for texting and such
3G data
3.2 inch touchscreen
Android 2.3 – Gingerbread
MicroSD support up to 32GB
3.2 MP camera
Bluetooth 3.0
1500 mAh battery
Dimensions are  4.53 x 2.32 x 0.58 in
LG Optimus Slider comes preloaded with Virgin Mobile Live 2.0 social networking lifestyle application used to access the Virgin Mobile branded music stream, hosted by DJ Abbey Braden. The app also provides users of Android-powered devices free access to live music performance videos and “check-in” features at special events. All status updates made using the app will also sync with Facebook and Twitter.
One interesting omission from the fact sheet is any mention of GPS capability.  I would think the phone would have it at this price, but I don’t see it.  I’ll recheck info is available.

Of course, being a Virgin Mobile phone it will have the Sprint/Nextel coverage area, which is somewhat limited, so be sure to check the coverage maps on the Virgin Mobile website.

While you’re there, you can check out their plans as well to see which is right for you.

The LG Optimus Slider is a nice upgrade to the LG Optimus V, and it’s worth a look.

4.Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent Review

I thought I was going to have a couple of weeks before I needed to work on my Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Review.  Like I mentioned in my Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Preview, the Straight Talk website (the only place you can currently order this phone) said the phones wouldn’t ship for a couple of weeks.  I guess 2 to 3 weeks in Straight Talk time is the equivalent of less than one week of real time because mine arrived today!

I noticed on the bottom left corner that it says CDMA-S and the bottom right show the map that says Nationwide Coverage on America’s Best Networks.  The support reps on Straight Talk’s Facebook page have stated that the Galaxy will run on Sprint.  All signs here seem to confirm that, but I’ll verify once I get it unboxed.

Here are the features in case it’s a little small to read:

3.2″ Touch Screen
Android 2.2 (an older version of Android)
3g/Wi-Fi Connectivity
2MP Camera/Video Recorder
Instant Messaging
Hearing Aid Compatible (HACI M4/T4
GPS Enabled
5 Home Screens
Download over 250,000 Android Apps (Angry Birds?)
Supports microSD card up to 32GB
Gravity Sensor/Tilt and Shake
Battery Talk Time up to 6 hours
Stand By Time up to 9 days
Includes Battery, Charger, 2GB microSD Memory Card, Activation Card, Services Guide, and User Manual
Did I just read that it comes with a 2GB microSD memory card?

It’s time to unbox this puppy and see how it looks!

Yes, it comes with a 2GB MicroSD card.  I came in the phone, but I took it out for the pic.

5.Straight Talk Samsung Smartphone

Big news out of Straight Talk today as they posted on Facebook today that the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent Android phone will coming soon.

Yes, a real honest-to-goodness smartphone on the Straight Talk prepaid plan!

The Straight Talk, Samsung Galaxy Precedent, will use the Sprint network as the carrier
The price will be $149.99

You will have to use the $45 plan with this phone
It runs on Android 2.2
It has a 3.2-inch touchscreen
It has 3G and WiFi and Bluetooth
It has a 2MP camera and an MP3 player
It is GPS enabled
It supports MicroSD GB
Now, Android 2.2 is not the latest version of Android, but you will still be able to run almost all of the apps you know and love.  The birds may be angry, but you’ll be happy with the money you’re saving every month!

Some of you may not be so happy, however, with the fact that the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent will use Sprint as the network carrier.  Sprint tends to have a more limited coverage area that is focused on cities and major highways, so if you’re off the beaten path a little, this phone may not be for you.

UPDATE!  As of September 2, 2011, the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Precedent is available for preorder on the Straight Talk website.  They say it will take 2 or 3 weeks to ship.

You can order the phone on the website now; there’s not really any reason to do the reserve stuff below.  All it did was send an email announcing that the phone was available for

Straight Talk has set up a site at where you can enter your zip code to see if the Galaxy will work in your area.  Here’s a partial screenshot:

6. Nokia Trackphone Review

Nokia prepaid TracFone comes at various models and prices and offers a wide range of facilities including free TracFone voice mail service, free caller ID, free call waiting and text messaging services. TracFone also offers free Nokia TracFone ringtones and free TracFone wallpapers available for download exclusively for their subscribers.

Nokia 1221 TracFone offers free voice mail, free caller ID and free call waiting. With a storage capacity of 200 names, phone numbers and email addresses this stylish TracFone comes with 35 standard ringtones. Ten more ringtones for this model is available for download from TracFone website. Its battery provides a talk time of 5 hours in the digital service area and up to 15 days standby time. The Nokia 1221 TracFone cell phone comes with a handy clock with alarm feature and 3 entertaining games and multilingual support. This Nokia TracFone displays the TracFone Airtime Balance so that users can know how much airtime is used and how much airtime is left to control their cell phone expenses better.

The Nokia 1100 TracFone is a stylish GSM cell phone with a build-in flashlight. It offers a single rate for every call and features free TracFone voice mail, free caller ID, free call waiting and text messaging service. Its address book can store up to 50 contacts and provides up to 3 hours of talk time in the digital service area. It also provides a standby time up to 15 days. With changeable covers, Nokia 1100 TracFone comes with 37 standard ringtones and has another 7 available for download. It also offers two entertaining games, a clock with alarm function and multilingual support. The TracFone Airtime Balance that is displayed on the screen shows the airtime usage so that users can manage their cell phone costs effectively.

The Nokia 1112 TracFone is a slim GSM TracFone featuring polyphonic ring tones and speaker phone. This TracFone offers a single rate for every call and text messaging, free call waiting, caller ID and free voicemail. The battery allows you a talk time of up to 5 hours in digital service area and a standby time of 15 days. With changeable color covers its preloaded 35 standard polyphonic ringtones can be increased with 5 downloadable Nokia TracFone ringtones. It comes with 3 games and a clock with alarm and multilingual support. Its black and white LCD screen has TracFone Airtime Balance Display to enable you to maintain your cost. It has the vibrating alert system to notify you of calls when you are in a meeting or watching a movie.

Nokia 2126 features text messaging, free voice mail service, free caller ID and call waiting for service. It comes with a color display with wallpaper and screen saver. It has a one touch dialing property and stores up to 250 numbers. The battery provides a talk time up to 4 hours in digital service area and up to 13 days of standby time. With 15 polyphonic ring tones, it comes with 3 preloaded games, a clock with alarm and multilingual support. Its vibrating feature notifies you of any incoming calls when you are in a meeting or watching a movie. Nokia 2126 displays TracFone Airtime Balance which shows the airtime used and the balance airtime enabling you to maintain cost.

7.Motorola TracFone

Looking for a classy ringtone for your cell phone that will match your personality and lifestyle? If you are a Motorola TracFone subscriber it is easier than you could imagine.

TracFone comes with various Motorola handsets including Motorola V170, Motorola W370, Motorola V176, Motorola C261 and Motorola C139 to name a few. Although all these handsets come with preloaded ringtones, TracFone understands their subscribers diversified choice and thus offers free Motorola TracFone ringtones downloadable from their website. These free TracFone ringtones are available exclusively to Motorola TracFone subscribers. Unlike other service providers who charge their subscribers for ringtones or have some form of hidden costs associated with it, TracFone ringtones are absolutely free and offered as a bonus.

A vast variety of Motorola TracFone ringtones are available for download from TracFone website and includes a collection that covers songs like jazz, rock, classic rock, disco, hip-hop and some theme songs as well. Selected songs starting of the sixties till the modern times are available as ringtones to Motorola TracFone subscribers. Based on the cell phone model of the subscriber’s polyphonic ringtones or real ringtones can be downloaded and used for free.

Downloading Motorola TracFone ringtone is easy. Simply visit their website and click on the Ringtone link. You will be taken to a page where you will require to type in the IMEI and your TracFone cell phone number. TracFone website has a list of all the available ringtones of songs and artists for you to choose from and download.

To make TracFone use even more pleasant this wireless service provider also offers its subscribers with entertaining games and colorful wallpapers which can be downloaded and used in much the same way as ringtones from TracFone website.

To make it a cost effective alternative for people who are seeking to keep their cell phone expenses within control, TracFone offers a range of free services which includes free voice mail service, free caller ID service, and free call waiting for service as well as test messaging services.

Tracfone a frontrunner against FCC’s tax increase

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently announced its plans to raise the Universal Service Fund (USF) fee to $1 or more every month. This new ruling would apply to all carriers of wireless service. While $1 doesn’t seem like too much at first, for companies like Tracfone, this is nearly a 1600% increase from the previous USF fee. This increase adds up quickly and will definitely have a huge impact on Tracfone’s financials. Tracfone is currently saying a lot to get people to get on their side to protest against the FCC’s rulings. The FCC is a federal committee but is operated completely by the public. Many past FCC rulings have been overturned because of public outcry, so hopefully, for Tracfone, this will be no exception.

Problems With TracFone?

The customer service personnel at TracFone prepaid cell phone service is dedicated to resolving problems you are facing with your TracFone services. TracFone is a massive MVNO offering inexpensive cell phone services to users across the United States of America. With MVNO arrangement with a major carrier, TracFone can easily be purchased from over 60,000 retail stores in the country as well as online. TracFone is offered in a number of stylish handsets and from major cell phone manufacturers like Nokia, Motorola, and LG.

Although TracFone is dedicated to offering the best of services to their subscribers, quite often users may face problems with various features of TracFone which includes voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, text messaging, ringtones and wallpapers and even games. New subscribers may also find themselves lost when it comes to recharging their airtime or with certain operations of their phone.

To support their subscribers round the clock, TracFone has a highly skilled Customer Service team dedicated to solving any problem you may be facing while using TracFone. Irrespective of your location or the type of TracFone handset you are using, you should call the support team at customer service to solve any kind of problem you are facing with TracFone services.

To get the most of the Customer Service team of TracFone be patient, persistent and firm. Before placing a call to the Customer Service regarding your problem with TracFone, write down the Serial number of your TracFone. You may require informing the Customer Service people this number. It will also help to write down the PIN number. You will find this in the Airtime card. Also, make a quick note of the Bonus code if you are using one.

The key to a successful call to the customer service is the ease by which you can communicate the problem you are having with your TracFone. Quite often the Customer Service representatives don’t have English as their native language, making it a bit difficult to explain the situation you are in. Be patient. Customer Service representatives will do all in their power to provide a solution to your problem.

Have your TracFone battery completely charged. If this is not the case, you may consider plugging in your charger before making the call to solve your problem with TracFone. A call to Customer Service may take up some time, and also the representatives may require you to perform some operations to eliminate your problem with TracFone. It is thus best to call the TracFone Customer Service through your landline. This will keep your phone free to do any operations needed to solve your problem with TracFone. With all the numbers (TracFone serial number, PIN, Bonus code) in front of you, pick up your land phone and dial the TracFone Customer Service department at 1-800-867-7183. You may need to wait a while before the representatives receive your call or may have to call them back if it’s a long wait.